Henry Kudzanai Dambanemuya


Technology and Social Behaviour
McCormick School of Engineering &
School of Communication
Frances Searle Building 1-147
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois 60208-3545
Phone: (847)467-7933
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I’m a Data Scientist and PhD Candidate in Technology and Social Behaviour, a joint program in computer science and communication at Northwestern University. My research is supervised by Professor Ágnes Horvát and examines potential ways in which data science techniques from machine learning, complex networks analysis and computational social science can be harnessed for social innovation. Some examples of data science for social innovation projects that I have recently worked on include early detection of financial investments that are likely to default,1 investigating how climate change relates to social upheaval in agro-pastoral regimes,2 estimating the outcomes of plebiscites,3 and finding efficient pathways to build stable and lasting peace.4 The core premise of my work has broad implications for how modern civilisations can effectively coordinate their responses and communication strategies in high-stakes real-world challenges.

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